To us, commitment means responsibility and is an integral part of our daily work and everything we do.

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In terms of responsibility we have selected the following as our core targets:

Meaningful work

A healthy environment

Fair partnerships

Our goal is for the Koskisen Group to be a pleasant and safe workplace where expertise is developed in the long term and on a broad scale, and where each person can feel that their job is meaningful. The OHSAS 18001 standard eensures a good level of occupational health and safety. As a member of the Corporate Responsibility Network FIBS, we signed the Diversity Charter on 6 November 2014. The aim of the charter is to create equal and fair opportunities in our operations in terms of personnel and customer relationships.

Our goal is to minimise the environmental load caused by our operations. We are committed to the principles of sustainable forest management and we invest in the development of ecological products and services. Our goal is to guarantee an environment for us and future generations that is as healthy as possible. The ISO 14001 standard steers our operations in terms of environmental criteria and PEFC and FSC®* certifications ensure that the wood comes from responsibly managed forests. We are also involved in the Ministry of the Environment’s Sitoumus2050 project, through which our goal is to increase the proportion of energy waste in our total waste volume.

We wish to be a long-term and fair partner for our stakeholders, and we select suppliers based on our sustainable principles. The ISO 9001 standard ensures the quality of our operations. We also operate in accordance with the principles and practices of social responsibility based on the guidelines laid down in the ISO 26000 standard. Our special focal areas are the following sub-areas of the standard: working life practices, the environment and consumer issues. In addition, we expect both ourselves and our partners to commit to our Ethical Code of Conduct.

In order to improve our transparency towards our stakeholders we have a separate sustainability website available at The goal is to collect all of our core themes onto a single site describing our sustainable business operations.

We follow our Code of Conduct in all of our business operations. Code of Conduct can be found on the right side of this page. Please give us feedback how we have followed our Code of Conduct by emailing us

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